Your dream wedding

in the Hetman’s Manor-House

We have been organizing wedding receptions since 2006, changing the wishes of the bride and groom into stylish wedding receptions in a manor house. We organize grand weddings for up to 120 people and small family wedding receptions fulfilling almost every wish, which we complement with creative proposals.


Our Manor House is located in the picturesque town of Koszewko, on Miedwie Lake - only 12 km from Stargard and 30 km from Szczecin.


We have been organizing wedding receptions since 2006, changing the wishes of the brides and grooms into stylish weddings in manor climates near Szczecin and Stargard


Our showcase is a well-coordinated team that jointly organized several hundred wedding receptions. It is co-created by cooks, waiters and technical specialists managed by an experienced manager.


We organize each wedding perfectly - from the first meeting, through setting the menu and all the details, to excellent service on the day of the reception.

Wedding reception

inspired by dreams

We will organize your dream wedding in Hetman’s Manor-House. We will be proud to participate in the preparation of the most important day in your life and we will do our best to make it the most beautiful memory for you.

Wedding reception

Szczecin and Stargard

We will plan and organize your wedding according to your individual preferences. We will prepare a wedding that will meet all your expectations.

Organization of a wedding

Szczecin and Stargard

Big or small – always great.
We organize grand weddings for up to 120 people and small family wedding receptions fulfilling almost every wish, which we complement with creative proposals.

Support in planning a wedding

Organize your dream wedding!

We are happy to help you plan your wedding and advise you on the choice of an orchestra, DJ, photographer and cameraman.
On request, we will be happy to organize additional attractions, such as a fireworks show, performances by bassists, cabaret or other stage artists.


Katarzyna Bieniek

Wedding hall – Szczecin & Stargard

Your reception can take place in one of our two rooms. The first is the spacious and air-conditioned wedding hall in the main building. Stylish interior design, a place to dance and an orchestra as well as a buffet make it possible for us to implement almost any scenario of a large or small party in our wedding hall.

A smaller wedding for up to 30 people can be held in the Noble Hall with a large, separate garden guaranteeing privacy. The hall is characterized by a style consistent with the rest of the facility and is located 10 meters from the main building.

Why choose Hetman’s Manor-House?

The highest standard of service

  • We have extensive experience in organizing weddings – over 30,000 satisfied customers!
  • A personal Event Manager will help you make the most difficult decisions and make sure that the party goes as you wish.
  • Perfectly selected menu, tasty dishes will meet the requirements of the greatest gourmets.
  • High standard of wedding halls and service. Qualified staff wearing the same formal attire
  • We exclusively offer beautiful, atmospheric interiors where tradition meets elegance. The facility is closed, available only for wedding Guests. We do not accept Guests at the restaurant and rooms. If you dream to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city, you want to wake up to the sound of birds’ songs, look at the fields and forests; our place is just for you!
  • Monitored car park available for guests
  • Discounts on the wedding banquet:
    – Children up to 4 years old – free of charge and no additional cover, children from 4 to 12 years old – 50% of the wedding party price and the soft drink bundle
  • Technical service – 50% of the price of the wedding and the soft drink bundle

Beautiful and stylish

  • We offer air-conditioned conference rooms that can accommodate 120 people.
  • A one-story banquet hall with a dance floor nearby
  • Excellent acoustics and a separate power supply for the orchestra
  • Unique atmosphere in the wedding hall created by stylish furniture, decorative mirrors, crystals, fireplace and candles
  • Porcelain tableware in classic white with glass, cutlery and high-quality tablecloths, banquet napkins
  • Room decor in two colors to choose from – gold or silver.
  • The wedding reception lasts 10 hours (normally from 6:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.)
  • Post-ups last 7 hours (normally from 10:00 to 17:00)
  • The hotel day is from 16:00 to 12:00
  • Breakfast is served from 9:00 to 11:00

The comfort of our Guests is the most important issue

  • Outdoor photo session? Look no further, our garden and the nearby lake are the perfect scenery for a romantic photo session.
  • Possibility to purchase breakfast for hotel guests – PLN 35.00 / person.
  • We offer attractive prices for the night before and after the wedding (when booking more than 10 people) for PLN 100 / person. Additionally, you can order breakfast and dinner in the form of a Swedish buffet.
  • We offer accommodation for wedding guests at discounted prices.
  • We have 67 beds in Hetman’s Manor-House.

How to book a wedding date?

  • check out our offer and the place
  • sign a preliminary contract
  • make a deposit of PLN 3000.00 (the amount will be deducted from the full calculation)
  • enjoy choosing the perfect venue for your wedding!

Church in close proximity

Without the need for long commute, the historic Church of St. Teresa is only 200 meters from Hetman’s Manor-House. This allows for a smooth transition of guests directly from the church to the wedding reception, without the need to organize transport and generate additional costs.
It is a particularly good solution for the Bride and Groom and their Guests coming from abroad, because from the beginning to the end the entire event takes place in one area.

We co-operate

with professionals

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How does a wedding in the Manor House look like?

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